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Followers of the Flow
— Blueprint


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«This is Followers of the Flow. My blueprint. It took over six years before I actually had the guts to publish it. Now I feel grateful to have the chance to share it with the world. San Sebastian, Saas-Fee, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Bratislava, Nottingham, Auckland, Dubai, Tallinn. All names of cities that harbor a copy of my book. It feels unreal.»

Author: Jonas Wyssen
Photography by Silvano Zeiter
Published by Studio Wyssen
Edition: 500 copies
Language: English
Pages: 128
Format: 21cm x 14.5cm x 1.4cm  
Hardcover, embossed holographic foil , blue book cut, Munken paper, bookmark
ISBN: 978-3-9525308-0-1

A blueprint for the Flow.

Followers of the Flow traces the evolution of the freestyle movement of the 1990s, a movement that does not just refer to sports but to a mindset which is currently enjoying a renaissance in modern society. What is the connection between freestyle and creativity? How can the flow experience – a denominator for all freestyle activities – be seen as a creative tool? Why is it essential to try and fail? The manual explores these questions in six beautifully illustrated chapters, giving the reader a «recipe» in the form of a new and ingenious creative method: Freestyle Thinking.

© Jonas Wyssen, 2022