« Hello, my name is Robot Nr. 001, and I am part of the Da Vinci Robot series. I am based on one of the most evolved humanoid robots and am portrayed here by da Vinci's artificial intelligence. After loading my source code, I will capture your consciousness and upload the data to the cloud. Thank you for participating. »

Da Vinci Robots

These portraits are based on humanoid robots and are drawn here by da Vinci's artificial intelligence – finalized with a twist.

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Da Vinci Robot is a collaboration with Mathema SRL based in Florence.

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Da Vinci Robot Nr. 01

Da Vinci Robot Nr. 02

Da Vinci Robot Nr. 03

Da Vinci Robot Nr. 04
«I try to enter into a dialogue with artificial intelligence. The topic touches me. I can't think of anything right now that sums up our hopes and fears about our future in such a focused way. It makes sense for us as a society to deal with this. The AI is incredibly appealing and scary to me at the same time. Art is an effective medium for this.

1. Input

Based on royalty-free images of humanoid robots, I created countless collages with parts of the robots' faces in photoshop. Then I edited and remixed the templates in a particular manner to receive the outputs I wanted. 

2. Output (DaVinciFaceAI)

The gauzy veil and the luminescence of the robot‘s skin are created with 56 layers with about 10,000 (compound) parameters each, making the robot‘s faces glow and giving the painting an ethereal, almost magical quality.

3. Twist 

The slight neon shimmer on the skin and the graphically reduced framing with a minimalist optical illusion indicate that this is no ordinary painting.

Da Vinci Robot Nr. 05

Da Vinci Robot Nr. 06
«Whoever devotes himself to practice without science is like the helmsman who boards a ship without a rudder or compass and never knows where he is going.»
– Leonardo da Vinci

«If we still want to help steer the ship of artificial intelligence, we should now consciously step up. It already seems to be moving away from us and navigating the world on its own.»

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