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Da Vinci Robot —


Machines drawn by the machine. These portraits are based on humanoid robots and drawn by artificial intelligence — with a twist. After making eye-contact, your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud. Thanks for participating ︎.

The gauzy veil and the luminescence of the robot‘s skin are created with 56 layers with about 10,000 (compound) parameters each, making the robot‘s faces glow and giving the painting an ethereal, almost magical quality.

The slight neon shimmer on the skin and the graphically reduced framing with a minimalist optical illusion indicate that this is no ordinary painting.

Da Vinci Robot is a collaboration between Swiss artist Jonas Wyssen and Italian software company Mathema, based in Florence. ︎︎︎ DaVinciFaceAI

Print Series:

Inquire limited prints ︎︎︎(NFT Series not released.)

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