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[ untitled ] — series

2022 @elementum

Glicé print, 50x70cm
Black frame

/pod, color #173.3

/pod, color #345.1
/pod, color #009.6

NFT as color selector.
How does it work?

Every NFT owner receives a limited glicée print on archival paper (50x70cm), signed by the artist. The owner will also order his chosen color by emailing a screenshot of this animated token.

In this way, the NFT is a kind of color selection tool that points to the work's actual value resulting in an art print.


This piece holds up colored contradictions and is finely visualizing them. The outline is an allusion to Andy Warhol's soup cans, which, in a variety of color combinations, have turned an everyday object into art.    

︎︎︎ pod at elementum   

/source, color #169.2

/source, color #360.0

/source, color #021.2


This piece interprets the intersection of scientific & metaphysical principles. Inspired by the search for the god particle, it is a visual interpretation of the occurrences within the large hadron collider at Cern in Geneva. 

︎︎︎ source at elementum

/flow, color #154.5

/flow, color #334.7

/flow, color #013.1


This piece owns an inherent digital patina similar to analog painting styles. /flow is a natural form that gets its cracks in a virtual environment. It flows in form and ever-changing colors, emulating the analog chromatography effect in time-lapse.

︎︎︎ flow at elementum

© Jonas Wyssen, 2022